Founder & Mother

Charlotte, is a creative and forward thinking entrepreneur within the live events sector, being CEO of a corporate communications agency Pure Communications Group. Charlotte has hosted and chaired a number of well attended live broadcast events over the past few years, and has participated as a panellist and speaker at many industry events.  

As a result of undergoing 6 years of IVF treatment with her husband, Charlotte has founded The IVF Network, to enable patients to obtain diversity of opinion without spending a lot of money to a number of key specialists in the industry.  As a result Charlotte has decided to create a membership community who can have access to live studio broadcast events with key specialists who would be able to answer patient questions around key topics.  Alongside this, she wished that she had been a part of a supportive membership community where she could share her story and help others as well as speak to other people in a similar situation to herself to help further her knowledge.  This is why she has also created the social community experience within the membership.


Fertility Mentor & Advisor

Emma is a fertility mentor, advisor, acupuncturists and author of 5 books on fertility; including the best selling Baby-Making Bible and FERTILE.

Emma has been supporting individuals and couples on the path to becoming parents for over 25 years; her aim is to help people to become parents from a place of health and balance .

She works in a unique integrated way that combines the best of modern research, treatments and diagnostics with complementary therapies and traditional practices. She has a special interest in immunology and the role the immune system has on fertility and also the impact of trauma, past and present. Emma regularly contributes to radio, TV and newspaper articles and is involved in an advisory capacity in a study looking at the impact of Covid and Covid Vaccine on women’s menstrual cycles

She holds a Batchelor of Science Degree and is a member of The British Acupuncturist Council



Noreen loves bringing people together for meaningful events that have deep resonance for them and their community. She has 20 years’ experience of delivering high quality high impact events across corporate and cultural worlds. She is also director of an arts charity focusing on community engagement.



Laura is a chartered accountant with nearly 20 years’ experience.  She is responsible for making sure everything all of the finance, IT and legal parts of The IVF Network run smoothly.  Outside of work, Laura spends most of her time with her husband and young children.



Gemma is a highly experienced Sales & Partnerships Director across the newspaper and magazine markets along with experience working for a Chinese digital marketing agency and more recently corporate events. She is also a mother of two wonderful boys now aged 12 & 9.


Brand & Design

Rory comes with over 20 years experience in brand creation and implementation, delivering material across a wide variety of industries. From Formula 1 teams to global consumer focused brands and everything in-between. Rory has done it all and is excited to start establishing The IVF Network as the next exciting brand on the global stage.