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Support your employees in their fertility journeys 

Having inclusive employee benefits means having fertility benefits for everyone in your team discovering parenthood. 

The benefits of corporate membership

The IVF Network corporate memberships provide staff training, policy guidance for HR professionals, fertility care and support for people looking for more information on fertility treatment. We give your employees access to the industry’s top private clinicians and fertility experts through virtual events and broadcasts. Getting a better understanding of fertility treatments, such as IVF, egg freezing or intrauterine insemination, can provide your employees with fertility support in an inclusive work environment.  

‍The ultimate guide to creating a fertility policy

Creating a fertility policy supports employees with their fertility health, clearly outlining your fertility coverage helps relieve stress for employees and gives managers the resources they need to care for their team. A workplace with a fertility policy as better employee retention, wellbeing and job satisfaction than companies that do not.  

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Fertility and family in the workplace 

No two fertility journeys are the same. Fertility treatments and fertility issues can be emotionally draining and expensive. Having an employee benefits package that offer fertility benefits shows your employees that you value them as people and that their life outside the business is important.