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The IVF Network gets you to your destination as quickly as possible. From powerful information to the best-in-class experts, we have what you need to make the right decision in your fertility treatment. 

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We are here for any person experiencing fertility problems. No path to parenthood is the same and there are many factors that affect fertility and a variety of fertility treatments available. This can feel overwhelming and isolating.  

The IVF Network is here to empower each person on their fertility journey and provide an accessible community of experts that support you on your path to parenthood. Whether you are looking into in vitro fertilisation (IVF), embryo transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), fertility medications and more we have resource to help our members.

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Our Story 

We are here for any person experiencing fertility problems. No path to parenthood is the same and there. There are many factors that affect fertility and a variety of fertility treatments available. When faced with this new and technical information, it can feel overwhelming and isolating.

The IVF Network is here for you, whether you are future-proofing your fertility, suffering from miscarriage, emotional trauma, male infertility, PCOS, endometriosis or other fertility-related challenge. challenges.

We are the only platform to provide an accessible community of world-renowned experts together with a supportive community. No matter what stage of your prognosis, The IVF Network guides you through your fertility-related challenge.

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Meet our experts

Our experts are the best in their fields across the UK, US and Europe. We work with esteemed clinicians and contemporary therapists that offer support and advise to members. Through our monthly broadcasts members get access to fertility specialists and up-to-date information.  

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Fertility and the workplace

Looking to support your employees on their fertility journey?

Getting a better understanding of fertility treatments to provide your employees with fertility support in an inclusive work environment. 

Information Hub

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Providing community and support 

Our events provide the opportunity to hear form the world’s top fertility experts about fertility treatments, get your questions answered, and engage with a community that’s facing the same challenges. 

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Access to global experts

The chance to join exclusive and informative events to help you on your fertility journey shouldn’t break the bank. Access fertility specialist as they discuss, procedures, treatments and new technologies for patients.  

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Blogs, guides and real-life stories

Wherever you are on your fertility journey, we keep you informed with our ultimate guides that demystify the jargon and hear from people with similar stories to you and their real-life experiences.   

What our members say

The content The IVF Network produces for anyone going through a fertility journey is exceptional. It has really helped me make some stronger choices about my next steps.


I was attracted to the IVF network because of the high-quality content of the broadcasts. I feel this is content that I can trust, which is a relief in the world


Hearing about success rates, risk factors and your chances of getting pregnant can leave you feeling lost and confused. The IVF Network gave me answers to so many of my questions. Knowing the information was coming from reliable experts gave me confidence in my fertility treatments.