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About us

Welcome to The IVF Network, where we provide invaluable resources and a supportive community for individuals navigating fertility challenges. We understand that facing fertility issues can feel overwhelming, but we believe that with the right support and information, you can feel in control of your journey.

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In addition to our individual membership. We also offer corporate membership options designed to assist businesses in supporting their employees’ fertility challenges while navigating work responsibilities. We provide guidance for HR professionals and line managers on how to incorporate fertility support into their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) policies.

As the UK’s fastest-expanding fertility community, we offer global content tailored to anyone seeking information or support regarding fertility health. Our membership has been curated by individuals who have personally experienced various fertility challenges. Ensuring that our resources address the essential elements for achieving family success and understanding fertility prognoses.

At The IVF Network, we prioritise patient-centred care and emotional support. While we do not provide medical recommendations, testing, or financial support, we offer something of greater significance. A strong sense of community, access to comprehensive and topical content, and opportunities to engage with leading global experts through monthly events.

Our corporate membership includes a fertility policy toolkit, customized content, workshops, and training for line managers to effectively support their teams while implementing DE&I policies.

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Founders’ Story

The IVF Network was founded by Charlotte Gentry, who personally experienced the challenges of infertility. Charlotte’s journey involved seeking opinions from multiple clinics before ultimately achieving success and welcoming her baby boy in April 2020. Motivated by her experience. Charlotte created an information portal to serve as the leading global resource for individuals facing fertility challenges.

Through The IVF Network, Charlotte aims to help thousands of people worldwide. By providing access to top private specialists and facilitating informative discussions through live events. Charlotte’s dedication has earned her recognition, including a nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Female Frontier Awards in 2023.

Meet the team

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Charlotte Gentry

CEO & Founder

Charlotte is a well known entrepreneur in the communications sector and owns a renowned corporate communications agency. Pure Communications Group and a new med tech start up called The IVF Network. 

As a result of undergoing 4 years of fertility treatment, Charlotte has set up The IVF Network to help people. Who like herself, find it hard to know who to entrust their chances of having a family. 

Charlotte’s skills in communications, content and events has set her in good stead to build a team to execute highly professionalised on demand content from the top private fertility experts  

Charlotte has worked in the events and marketing sector for over 20 years. She feels passionately about helping people who need to take back control of their fertility journey.

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Christina Grace

Chief Marketing Officer

Christina is a dynamic and seasoned marketing expert with over a decade of international experience. She has worked in cities such as Dubai, London, and across Europe.

With a passion for growth and digital marketing, she has honed a unique blend of experience, creativity, and strategic insight. Driving successful marketing campaigns that surpass business goals.

Specialising in lead-generation and retention strategies. With a proven track record of implementing innovative digital marketing practices to achieve exceptional results.

As a multi-disciplined professional, Christina excels in defining and executing marketing strategies that align with business objectives, ensuring maximum impact.

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Jo Nye

Client Services Director

Jo has over 15 years of management and sales experience in the Private Healthcare industry. Within her previous role, she was directly responsible for the relationships management of large well known corporates. As well as managing a team of account managers.

She has also been through her own fertility journey and is passionate about the support we provide. She believes that had she had access to top expert knowledge and advice, her journey would have been incredibly different.

Working in the Healthcare industry, she also recognises the gap and the need for this kind of support. For corporate companies to provide for their employees and clients.

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Joanna Hayes

Sponsorship & Advertising Sales Manager

Jo joins The IVF Network fresh from maternity leave, after going through a long journey of fertility issues. Receiving devastating diagnosis’s of having “a full set” of conditions, including Endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

She finally conceived after 9 years via IVF, her daughter arrived at 30 weeks band is now thriving. As such she is deeply passionate about assisted conception and champions building awareness of medical conditions that can effect fertility.

With a background in building relationships, business development, sponsorship, advertising and consultative sales. She brings experience from the best part of a decade working across the events industry.

Joanna has worked with some impressive brands across a very diverse portfolio. She enjoys nothing more than creating a bespoke activation for her clients.

Head shot of Carolina Alexandra

Carolina Alexandra

Relationship & Partnership Manager

Carolina has over 10yrs of extensive relationship management, partnership development, market/ brand strategy, storytelling, membership acquisition, and event management.

She has worked with HNWIs, VIPs, philanthropists, investor networks, and global luxury/ lifestyle brands. Such as LVMH, Bulgari, Miss Universe, and NBC Universal.

She is passionate about holistic wellness, building relationships, and connecting people with what matters to them most.

Carolina is a crystal healer, tennis player, and a graduate of Columbia University, New York.

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Debora Škrinjarić

Sales Executive

Debbie is a licensed Medic with sales and marketing experience in the private healthcare sector and medical events. As well as front line experience in Emergency Medicine.

She has lived in multiple countries and travelled around the globe, she decided to settle in the UK in 2020.

Debbie is passionate about making health and wellbeing more accessible to the public.

She is committed to outreach through The IVF Network so that more patients struggling with fertility have access to support.