Melanie Brown


Melanie Brown is a nutritionist working for twenty years with both men and women to improve their fertility through diet and lifestyle. She has a particular interest in PCOS and endometriosis, two conditions that can affect fertility but can also be managed very effectively through diet. Preparation for IVF is a key part of Mel's work and she is also very active in raising awareness of male infertility. Her Masters research project looked at the effect of male obesity on IVF outcome and she works closely with leading specialists in this field. Mel is very aware that people need to leave her consultations feeling positive and excited about her plan for them and she is not a person that bans everything. "There's no point and anyway treats are vital for good endorphins" she says "and I love a glass of wine, fish and chips and a bar of chocolate as much as anyone! Quality over quantity, it's all about balance"

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