Emma Kafton

Patient Services Director, The Evewell

Emma founded The Evewell with Mr Colin Davis in October 2018. Together with the two other co-founders, James Kafton and Kristi Flax, The Evewell was set-up with the sole purpose of combining first class fertility and gynaecological clinical care with truly empathetic and supportive service.  Heading up the Patient Services team, Emma has over a decades experience in leading teams that provide best in class service. Working across all teams within The Evewell, Emma ensures that every patient feels supported and cared for.  Emma is passionate that her role is to ensure patients feel as comfortable as possible during their fertility journey.  She works closely with Patient Services team to be the first point of contact with new patients, ensuring that we truly understand what a patient needs from us and how we can best help. “You can’t write a policy for providing empathetic care. It has to come naturally from a team of people who care deeply and understand the great difficulties that our patients are facing. I am proud to work with a team of people who feel this at their core and my role is to support them in being able to do that”.

Visit Emma's website here: https://www.evewell.com/

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