Charlotte Gentry - Founder & Mother

The Story Behind The IVF Network

The IVF Network is an online membership community for
those on their IVF journey

The mission of The IVF Network is to increase patient and partner knowledge, giving greater access to specialists across the field who they might not be able to speak to under normal circumstances and to ultimately support them in achieving their end goal quicker, saving time and money.

We have also built and will continue to grow a community of both patients and complementary therapy practitioners aimed at supporting and empowering our members every step of the way.

The IVF Network is the passion project of Founder and new mother, Charlotte Gentry, who underwent six ‘exhausting’ and ‘expensive’ years of IVF while trying to fall pregnant with her first child.

Charlotte openly talks about her own experiences with assisted fertility, both good and bad. After a journey of ups and downs, Charlotte is mother to a little boy.

Yet despite achieving her dreams, she has chosen to use her own experience to help others who are about to embark on the same journey as she did, or who are in the middle of their journey and are finding the whole experience very overwhelming and don’t know where to turn next.

Charlotte has enlisted the help of a number of prolific experts in the field of fertility that our members will have direct access to via live, participative events every month plus the latest news and studies.

The IVF Network team alongside Charlotte consists of those who have also had first hand experience of IVF either as patients or as alternative healthcare practitioners supporting those going through fertility struggles.

Find out what is truly possible when you receive the right IVF advice, support and guidance.

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