Communicate openly with each other

Many couples are reluctant to open up about their true feelings because:

·      they might upset their partner

·      their partner might think they areblaming them

·      there’s nothing that can be done, so why talk about it?

In reality, being completely open with each other, can often relieve any underlying tension and it avoids any second guessing of what the other person is thinking.

When people are aware of our feelings, they are in a better place to understand what we need and offer us support.

Attending counselling together, before starting IVF treatment (and throughout, if you need it) can be beneficial. It can help to air your thoughts and feelings aboutyour infertility, the process and the possible outcomes.

Communicate with others

Your fertility specialist will be used to answering a wide range of questions. No question isa daft question, if knowing the answer is going to help you. Ask them anything that will help you to feel really clear about your treatment plan. The more informed you are about everything,  the less there will be to be anxious about and that will help with your relationship too.

Talk to trusted friends or family members that you know will be supportive. It can be good to offload sometimes, to someone who is not directly involved.

Have a conversation with your employer, so they understand your need to take time off at short notice, for appointments.

Take time out to enjoy being a couple

It’s very easy to become all-consumed with thinking about your fertility and treatment.Thinking of things that you can do together, to take your mind off of it, can really help.

Having date days out, cuddly nights in watching a film, or sharing things you usually enjoy doing together, can be a great stress reliever and bring you closer.

Walks are a great idea, to boost your vitamin D and walking is a good, stress-busting, gentle form of exercise.

Do something spontaneous, like having an impromptu weekend away, as a change can be as good as a rest.

Try learning a new skill. Doing something that requires focus, can distract you from thinking about and talking about fertility and treatment. It can also give you something new to talk about together.

Going outwith good friends, who are in the know, but happy to help with distraction, canal so be a good idea. They can help you to focus on something else and you’ll know that you won’t be faced with awkward questions from them.

Take time out for yourself

Treat yourself to doing an activity that you enjoy. Walking, swimming, having a massage, meeting friends, whatever you like to do. Giving each other a bit of space can make the time you spend together better.


Prioritise what is important

Infertility and treatment can be tiring and time consuming. Cut out anything in your diary that you don’t need to do and things you don’t want to do, to conserve your energy and give you more quality time together.


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