The IVF Network is thrilled to present a broadcast dedicated to exploring pathways for LGBTQI+ families, offering support and guidance on the journey to parenthood. We are honoured to be joined by Laura-Rose Thorogood, Founder of LGBT Mummies, and Michael Johnson-Ellis, Founder of TwoDadsUK & My Surrogacy Journey. Laura-Rose shares her personal journey as a married lesbian and mother of three children conceived through IUI & IVF treatments, offering invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of LGBTQI+ parenthood. Michael, a proud dad to Talulah and Duke, born with the help of their incredible surrogate Caroline, along with egg donors, brings his experience as a founder of TwoDadsUK & My Surrogacy Journey, providing practical and emotional support for those navigating the surrogacy path. Together, we’ll explore various pathways and fertility options for LGBTQI+ families, addressing barriers and implications with expert guidance and firsthand experiences. Additionally, we’re honoured to feature Amber Wilde, whose heartwarming blog, Meet the Wildes, chronicles the joys and challenges of raising five beautiful children in a two-mum family by the seaside. Join us for an insightful discussion filled with heartfelt stories and invaluable advice.

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