Ask the Expert – Preserving your fertility with egg freezing with Dr Irfana Kiota

Chair: Charlotte Gentry, Founder, The IVF Network

Leading Expert: Dr Irfana Kiota FRCOG, Fertility Consultant & Director, IVF Matters

In the latest in our Ask the Expert series we are delighted to be joined by leading fertility expert, Dr Irfana Kiota. Our Ask the Expert sessions are a fantastic opportunity to ask your questions directly to our leading fertility specialists.  

Irfana will share her expertise on preserving your fertility through egg freezing.  She will dispel the misconceptions about women who want to freeze their eggs and talk through the process and what is involved.  It is a lot easier than many think and as awareness is growing about this procedure as a real option for all women, this is a great opportunity to understand where to start and how it can improve your chances in having a baby.

There will then be plenty of time for you to ask your questions to Irfana not just on accessing the right experts to support your journey but any fertility questions you have for her on this important topic.

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