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How Does Stress Affect Fertility?

March 15, 2022

While it’s unlikely that stress alone can cause infertility, there are many studies to suggest that it can have a negative impact. Yet trying to tell someone who is struggling with infertility to ‘just relax,’ or that stress will decrease their chances of getting pregnant, is actually more likely to increase their anxiety and stress levels!

Here, at The IVF Network, we understand that struggling to get pregnant can be stressful. That’s why our channel and blog posts are full of easy to access information, tips and advice, to help reduce overwhelm and to help you to make more informed choices.

How can stress affect fertility?

Long-term stress can:

The good news is that making positive changes to your lifestyle can help to reduce stress and also increase your chances of conceiving naturally or with assisted conception.

The following ways are recommended to help to reduce your stress levels:


When we’re stressed or anxious, talking to someone we trust about our fears and worries can provide release, either by working through solutions together, or just through the process of off-loading.

By talking to our partner, we may find that they are having similar concerns, doubts or worries. It can also help to release any built-up tension and avoids second guessing what they ‘might’ be thinking or feeling.

When others are made aware of our feelings, they are in a better place to understand our needs too.

By communicating openly with health professionals, the fertility specialist, GP or fertility counsellor, it will enable them to answer your questions or provide support.

Improve your diet

Having a healthy diet means you are less likely to experience mood swings and energy dips.

Try relaxation techniques

There’s a wide range of relaxation techniques that you can try online or in-person, techniques that are commonly believed to lower stress levels. These include meditation, aromatherapy, yoga and more.  


Exercise is a great natural stress reliever, because it pumps up your endorphins which elevate your mood. It increases your general health and well-being too, gives you something else to focus on and helps you to sleep afterwards.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is a powerful stress reducer. It calms our nervous system, helps us to make more rational choices and improves our mood and concentration.

It’s important to mention to your GP if you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, as they can offer advice and support.  

If you are looking to make small changes to your lifestyle, what will you start with?

With this in mind, we’ve planned The Wellness Fertility Retreat. It’s great for reducing overwhelm and helping you to feel empowered.

Unlike other retreats, it combines a range of elements especially selected for their impact on fertility. Its aim is to help you to rest, re-charge and re-awaken yourself and your fertility.

The 4-day, virtual event runs from 24th – 27th March and includes a range of expert sessions on nutrition, aromatherapy, gut health, meditation, astrology and more.

Included in the £99 cost, in addition to the 14 live broadcasts, you will also get 3 months access to IVF Network and a fertility meal planner.

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