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‍The ultimate Guide to Creating a Fertility Policy

Support your employees with their fertility needs.

Gain access to the industry's leading private clinicians and fertility experts. Tap into a community of thousands of people with whom similar experiences and recommendations can be shared directly.

“68% of adults say they’d switch jobs to gain fertility benefits.”

The IVF Network is the fastest growing community of individuals navigating fertility challenges. Access the industry's top experts, deliver bespoke workshops, design a fertility policy, and create a safe and inclusive space for your employees including the LGBTQ+ community.

Find Out More About HOw we can support your employees

What The IVF Network can offer your employees.

We understand that your people will be affected differently which is why we offer a range of benefits solutions, plus add-ons to suit the needs of every business and individual. All of our solutions include education for your People Professionals and Managers, as well as access to our white-label membership portal.

Access to Fertility Experts

Access to the latest guidance on fertility topics from the UK’s top private doctors, gynaecologists, fertility acupuncturists, nutritionists and male fertility specialists.

Supportive Community

A safe and confidential space for your employees to connect with people who understand and have been there. Unique resources for women, men, trans and non-binary people at every stage of their journey.

Bespoke Workshops

Tailored workshops for employees and managers to focus on practical fertility support and guidance, both in and out of the workplace.

Fertility Policy

Co-design a fertility policy for your organisation with guidelines on how to support employees' physical and psychological wellbeing and the impacts of fertility.

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Help your business and employees thrive.

"61% of employees who received fertility benefit coverage said they felt more loyal and committed to their employer.”

Trusted by…

With The IVF Network your employees can…

Find a single source of truth

Access the industry's top private clinicians and fertility experts.

Bypass long waitlists

Access to 60+ hours of recorded video, audio and articles.

Keep costs to a minimum

Connect with clinicians that usually charge £350 for 15 minutes of their time.

What our clients and members have to say about us.

"The content The IVF Network produces for anyone going through a fertility journey is exceptional. It has really helped me make some stronger choices about my next steps."


"I was attracted to the IVF network because of the high-quality content of the broadcasts. I feel this is content that I can trust, which is a relief in the world of IVF where there is so much out there if you google it, so the IVF network has helped me to cut through some of that and find resources I can rely on (and then not waste time in rounds of obsessive googling!)."


"Honestly your video was so impactful and moving, my team really said we should do it…..I think your services are amazing.’"

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