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Mr Stuart Lavery
Divisional Clinical Director at UCLH

Mr Stuart Lavery is the Divisional Clinical Director for Women’s Health at UCLH. He works as a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery with a special interest in Fertility Preservation. He is an honorary Associate Professor at UCL and also holds honorary academic positions with Imperial College London, ICRF and the University of Oxford. Previously he was a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at the Hammersmith Hospital where he was medical director and HFEA Person Responsible of IVF Hammersmith for 15 years, and a Founder Director of the Fertility Partnership, the largest provider of fertility services in northern Europe. He has served on multiple advisory boards in the pharmaceutical and FemTech fields. His research interests are fertility preservation and preimplantation genetic testing, and has published over 60 peer reviewed academic articles, and presented both nationally and internationally.

Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown is a nutritionist working for twenty years with both men and women to improve their fertility through diet and lifestyle. She has a particular interest in PCOS and endometriosis, two conditions that can affect fertility but can also be managed very effectively through diet. Preparation for IVF is a key part of Mel's work and she is also very active in raising awareness of male infertility. Her Masters research project looked at the effect of male obesity on IVF outcome and she works closely with leading specialists in this field. Mel is very aware that people need to leave her consultations feeling positive and excited about her plan for them and she is not a person that bans everything. "There's no point and anyway treats are vital for good endorphins" she says "and I love a glass of wine, fish and chips and a bar of chocolate as much as anyone! Quality over quantity, it's all about balance"

Mr Jonathan Ramsay
Male Fertility Specialist

Jonathan Ramsay is a urologist who specialises exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of sub fertile and infertile men. His approach is to treat the man to improve chances of natural and assisted fertility outcomes.

Jonathan trained at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and spent his NHS consultant career at Hammersmith and Chelsea Westminster Hospital. Recently retired from Hammersmith, Jonathan maintains contact with colleagues at Imperial and at Hammersmith where he remains an HFEA licence holder.

Although each couple’s journey may seem similar, investigations can lead to understanding and diagnosis and thus a more rational and sensitive approach to their management. Mr Ramsay's research interests and recent publications include the reasons for poor quality sperm and the relationship of semen analysis, DNA quality of sperm and evidence of inflammation in the genital tract. We are particularly interested in trying to explain (and treat) unexplained infertility either to avoid IVF and ICSI or to make further cycle of treatments more successful. Current research is involved with in-depth assessment of surgically-retrieved sperm both in cases of non-obstructive and obstructive azoospermia and vasectomy reversal.

Hannah Vaughan Jones
Previous IVF Patient

Hannah Vaughan Jones is an Emmy-nominated journalist, anchoring live broadcast news for CNN and Sky News. She’s also a professional moderator with a particular interest in international development and global health. Hannah hosts events and high-level discussions for the likes of the WHO, WTO, Facebook, Concordia, Alibaba Group, Union for International Cancer Control, and the nuclear watchdog, the IAEA. She moderated at Women Deliver 2019 in Vancouver, and in 2018 single-handedly hosted the London CHOGM Malaria Summit featuring Bill Gates, fifteen Heads of State and HRH The Prince of Wales. In addition, Hannah runs her own production company, Lewnah Ltd, which is currently developing a video news service for young children. She’s also a senior advisor to BB Partners - a Communications Advisory for Changemakers. Hannah remains a vocal advocate of fertility awareness given her own long journey to motherhood. She lives in West London with her son and husband.

Mr Adrian Lower
Consultant Gynaecologist

Adrian Lower is a highly respected and experienced gynaecologist who has specialised in the field of Reproductive Medicine for the past 30 years. He was appointed as a Consultant at Barts in 1995. His clinical practice is underpinned by research and he is widely published in peer reviewed journals.

He has been at the forefront of a number of innovative developments in the field of reproductive medicine and surgery. He has been listed in the Tatler Good Doctor Guide as one of the top 150 doctors in the country since 2005.  

He is an excellent communicator and offers a bespoke fertility assessment carefully evaluating every aspect of the process to maximise the chance of conception in the shortest time and will take time to ensure that his patients fully understand the planned treatment.

Emma Cannon
Fertility Specialist

‍Emma Cannon is the founder of the Emma Cannon Clinic, a fertility and women’s health expert, and a registered acupuncturist. For the last three decades Emma has supported individuals and couples on the path to becoming parents.

Emma is a best-selling author, having published The Baby Making Bible and FERTILE and three other successful books. Emma is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and The College of Medicine and holds a Bachelor of Science. She has trained with The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in The Management and Treatment of Infertility. 

Emma writes regularly for well known publications including Natural Health Magazine and The Huffington Post. She is also a regular contributer to many newspapers, magazines and radio programmes including Tatler Magazine’s ‘Top 250 Private Doctors’ The Telegraph’s Top Therapists, and Goop’s London Wellness Guide. Emma speaks regularly on the subject of fertility and has given a keynote for TedX titled It’s About Time We Valued Being Fertile.


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