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2 out of 3 people say they would switch jobs to gain fertility benefits

Furthermore, 1 in 7 couples struggle with fertility issues and for anyone going through this, it is an extremely worrying and stressful time,  which impacts everything. If you’re looking to support your employees beyond standard healthcare benefits, we want to help. 

Delivering education, creating safe spaces and enabling access to experts, we offer unrivalled IVF and fertility support designed to get your people where they need to be, faster.

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1 in 7

Couples have trouble conceiving.


Of adults say they would switch jobs to gain fertility benefits.


Increase in the number of egg storage cycles from 2013-2018.


Of millennials consider fertility to be a core part of health coverage.

Join us in changing the conversation around fertility in the workplace.

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How can we support you in supporting your people?

We understand that your people will be affected differently which is why we offer a range of benefits solutions plus add-ons to suit the needs of every business and every individual. All our solutions include both education for your people professionals and managers as well as access to our white-label membership portal.

Immediate access to the Premium members portal available to all employees
Closed community for employees to talk to like-minded individuals and couples also on their fertility journey.
Access to the top IVF specialists in the UK through regular live broadcasts and Q&As
Insight and knowledge plus the latest medical advancements in the fertility field in order to make informed decisions on treatment.
Access to a wellness and emotional support package that complements fertility and IVF treatment
Bespoke workshops and events  by a team of fertility & IVF experts.
Discounts with leading fertility & IVF brands
Bespoke internal comms package and relevant content to be shared with employees. 

Access to quality fertility support shouldn't be reserved for the rich and famous.

For your people we will host live sessions, usually focused on how employees can approach their employers and engage them on their fertility journey to support the best outcomes for everyone. For more information on our experts, please visit our membership page.

All staff will have access to a Premium IVF Network membership. Your employees will be able to sign up anonymously however we will provide aggregated reporting on usage and support you in driving ongoing engagement.

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Only by coming together do we start to overcome the taboo.

In our mission to change the conversation in the workplace surrounding fertility we know the hardest thing can be getting started.

For an individual in your business or your team to approach you with the news of their fertility struggles is extremely brave and it’s crucial that we know how to respond.

Through bespoke training sessions with The IVF Network we will guide you through the difficult conversations; provide you with the tools you need and arm you with the facts.

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Could fertility support for your employees be what you need in the battle for talent?

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What makes The IVF Network the right partner for my business?

Our team at The IVF Network have been through IVF, we understand the challenges but also the opportunities that employers and businesses have to positively impact their experiences of their people.
The wealth of information available can be overwhelming and therefore we’ve focused on providing access to the very highest quality experts from around the globe
We understand the need to offer a fully comprehensive and globally consistent benefits package for your people. This is why we offer multi-language solutions to meet the needs of the modern workforce.
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Our Specialists

Mr Stuart Lavery

Divisional Clinical Director at UCLH

Melanie Brown


Mr Jonathan Ramsay

Male Fertility Specialist
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What Our Members Say

"The content The IVF Network produces for anyone going through a fertility journey is exceptional. It has really helped me make some stronger choices about my next steps."


"I was attracted to the IVF network because of the high-quality content of the broadcasts. I feel this is content that I can trust, which is a relief in the world of IVF where there is so much out there if you google it, so the IVF network has helped me to cut through some of that and find resources I can rely on (and then not waste time in rounds of obsessive googling!)."