Talk to the Expert: Implantation Failure with Dr Simone Rofena

Monday 20th March 7:00pm – 7:45pm
Virtual Live Session

Chair: Emma Cannon, Fertility Mentor & Advisor
Leading Specialist: Dr Simone Rofena, Medical Director, Zita West

For this months Talk to the Expert we are delighted to be joined by leading fertility expert, Dr Simone Rofena. Our Talk to the Expert sessions are a fantastic opportunity to ask your questions directly to our leading fertility specialists. Dr Rofena will share his expertise on implantation failure. There will then be plenty of time for you to ask your questions to Dr Rofena not just on implantation failure but any questions you have for him on your fertility journey.

''Working in medicine, you can live a life focused on the sadder side of human existence, such as death and illness. I’ve always felt incredibly lucky that I chose, some 20 years ago, to focus on fertility and IVF, as I work in the side of medicine that is about life.

Since I started working in IVF, there haven’t been that many major breakthroughs scientifically. Drugs and techniques have improved but there hasn’t been anything radical that has shaken up the industry.'' - Dr Simone Rofena

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